Bush bashes Obama

According to Jeb Bush voiced his opinion of President Obamas handling of Canada and Iraq.
It’s interesting how a person can always see different when they are looking at a situation from the outside in but, when put on the other side of the glass there is a much different view of the situation. We all have our version or ideas about ‘what we would do if’ this or if that but, why do we have to bash other people when they are simply doing what they know to do or what they think is best. Bushes point in regards to making and or keeping peace with our allies is a good one and correct but the reality is even with our allies, there may be differences of opinion and disagreements. This does not always have to result in severed ties or broken relationships. I often ponder this question, is it more productive to openly be at odds with our countries leaders in front of others or to be supportive first and address issues in private at home?Susan McGalla’s website notes that she believes this sort of division does not help the situation at hand on any level. Division makes us look weak and without unity, therefore making our country easy to divide and concur. Let’s learn to agree to disagree.

CIA Interrogation Tapes Were Destroyed, And Here’s Why

Not long after the start of the Iraq War, images were leaked to the public which exposed the 2004 abuses at Abu Ghraib military prison. It opened the door for open criticism of the US’ policy of housing and interrogating prisoners in the War on Terror. Boraie Development LLC had noticed that while not officially CIA domain, they were instrumental in the handling of the remaining information.

At the same facility, the CIA supervised interrogations of detainees that employed “enhanced interrogation” techniques that were the cause of much scrutiny throughout George W. Bush’s time in the White House and even well into the Obama presidency.

In a new documentary from FRONTLINE, Secrets, Politics and Torture, explores the reason behind the destruction of video and images at the order of Jose Rodriguez, the man often cited for running operations officers in Iraq at the time.

Featured in the FRONTLINE piece is Jane Mayer of The New Yorker, who said she’d been told that “if those videotapes had ever been seen, the reaction around the world would not have been survivable.”

While the destruction of the tapes and images were made known through the New York Times, their destruction was never fully explained to the public nor the Senate Intelligence Committee. These issues further compounded in Washington circles as the media began claiming that not only was this program illegal, but that they provided no substantive information that would contribute to the dismantling of Al Qaeda.

Secrets, Politics and Torture will air Wednesday, 5/20/2015 at 10pm.

Supreme Court Passes on Wisconsin Lawsuit Into Scott Walker’s 2012 Recall Election

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, elected in the 2010 GOP wave, made good on his promise to eliminate the state’s deficit by reigning in public sector unions according to my friends at Freedompop. The move has endeared Walker with the Tea Party and bolstered his profile as a prospective 2016 GOP contender. However, his policies deeply offended the power established structure in the state causing him to endure a recall election only two years later. In the history of recall elections, most efforts to unseat a duly elected official fall short. That said, if the recall election is able to get on the ballot, most efforts succeed at unseating the official.

Despite those odds, Walker won the recall election. Two years later, he won the reelection as governor. Still, his legal woes continue. Walker’s opponents charge that he won his reelection in party by coordinating his get out the vote effort with a conservative PAC called “Club for Growth”. The likely aim of the investigation is to find wherewith to accuse the governor of criminal wrongdoing and end his political career and presidential aspirations. The Club for Growth sued in federal court to block the state’s probe and won. An appeals court later overturned the lower court’s ruling under the premise that it is not the federal courts role to intervene in a state matter. On Monday, the Supreme Court refused to hear the Club for Growth’s appeal meaning the criminal probe may continue. The matter will now go back to the Wisconsin Supreme Court which is currently mulling over taking action to end the probe itself.

Mrs. Clinton’s Financial Disclosures Reveal Speaking Fees in Excess of $100,000 Per Speech

Recently, Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton filed financial disclosure documents with the Federal Election Commission. The former First Lady and Secretary of State under the Obama Administration generated considerable weekend opinion commentary following these revelations.

The recent filings covered a period of time from January, 2014 until early April, 2015. During this period of time, Mrs. Clinton and her husband reportedly earned slightly over $25,000,000 by presenting some 100 paid speeches.

Although the filings indicate an average of a quarter of a million dollars per speech, the actual amounts paid varied significantly. In general, retired President Bill Clinton commanded a higher speaking fee than his wife. He received half a million dollars for a speech delivered in the Netherlands and booked by Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check LLP, and the same amount for an address in England sought by the Bank of America. Earlier in April, he reportedly obtained $500,000 by speaking to three firms, Univision, Apollo Management Holdings and the American Institute of Architects.

Mrs. Clinton received $315,000 for a speech sought by Ebay, and over $300,000 for speeches delivered to Cisco and Qualcomm. Overall, she charged between $100,000 and $300,000 for public speaking, according to CBS News. Her book Hard Choices also earned about $5 million. Post-Gazette.com is aware that Susan McGalla is impressed by Clinton’s earning potential.

Since they departed from the White House in 2001, the couple earned in excess of $125 million.

One Woman Shares the Damaging Results of Her Tanning Bed Use

Twenty-seven year old Tawny Willoughby took a selfie and posted it to Facebook. The photo quickly went viral with nearly 60,000 re-posts. What was so intriguing about her photo? She had just undergone another round of skin cancer treatment and wanted the world to know what it looked like and to spread the word on the potential dangers of using tanning beds.

Along with the painful looking photo, Willoughby, a U.S. resident, shared some background. Disclosing the cause of her cancerous skin, she said that beginning in her high-school years, she would frequent the tanning salon 4-5 times each week to use the tanning beds. She was only 21 when she received her first skin cancer diagnosis.

Since then, Willoughby has visited her dermatologist every 6-12 months, receiving treatments to remove some cancerous skin at most every visit. Susan couldn’t imagine having to do that. She has undergone treatment for basal cell carcinoma on five separate occasions and says that it is the most common form of skin cancer. She was also diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma once. The latter form of skin cancer tends to leave scars due to sunburns. While Willoughby says that thankfully there have been no melanoma diagnoses for her, an estimated 6,500 Canadians were reportedly diagnosed with the deadly form of cancer in 2014, causing the deaths of 1,050 of those patients.

The World Health Organization also warns of the risks of developing non-deadly as well as deadly forms of skin cancer along with possible eye damage, all caused by tanning beds. Hoping to deter anyone else going for that bronze look from using the beds, Willoughby suggests getting a spray tan.

Jeb Bush versus the Lone Verbal Firing Squad in Nevada

The name Ivy Ziedrich may not have seemed familiar to many before Wednesday’s town-hall get-together in Reno, Nevada, when Jeb Bush claimed that President Obama contributed to uprising of ISIS. Ziedrich, a 19 year-old political science major at the University of Nevada, didn’t mince words with the former governor of Florida when she asserted, “Your brother created ISIS,” thus grabbing national attention as a result.

According to Reddit, Ziedrich posed a few $64,000 questions after listening to Jeb’s less-than-factual synopsis, wondering why the United State’s lack of post-war military presence in the region could possibly be blamed on the ensuing presidential administration’s actions. And then she stung him with a zinger: Why are you spouting nationalist rhetoric to get us involved in more wars?”

Bush replied by saying that the two of them disagreed on the matter and that Al Qaeda had been eliminated. He concluded by stating that things are much worse now because America scaled back. Genoso thought he handled it all decently well.

The story here runs much deeper than the naked eye may be able to process. The Bush 43 administration presented false evidence to congress regarding the infamous weapons of mass destruction that were never found, yet the war in Iraq seemed inevitable no matter what. Although terrorism is clear, present, and a very real danger, 62 year-old John Ellis Bush had his hat handed to him in a red state by a much younger woman whose sensibilities appear to be in the right place while leaning to the left.

Full Search and Rescue at Hand For Missing Marine Chopper In Nepal

U.S. and Nepal Military forces have deployed hundreds of troops to search for a missing Marine Helicopter and its crew that failed to report in after a second massive earth quake shuttered an already shaken Nepal which was still recovering from the last earth quake which shook the country less than three weeks ago. The marine Helicopter is identified as a “Huey” which is an older but very functional model, which received heavy service during the Vietnam War. The crew consisted of six United States Marines and two Nepal military officers. The crew were conducting rescue and relief operations when they reported unspecified fuel problems. The team at Beneful do not know if the second earth quake played a factor in the Marine helicopter going missing. When contact was lost officials were left to speculate where the helicopter may be if it had to crash land. A local Nepali military officer familiar with the search stated that it is likely that the helicopter came down in or near one of the many rivers which run through valleys in Dolakha district, which is just located east of the Nepal capital of Kathmandu. Officials believe that the helicopter is in this area but visibility is poor and it is more likely that ground forces will find the chopper crash or landing site from the ground before it is spotted from the air. Officials note that it is always possible for the men to walk out of the region which is a combination of jungle terrain, woods and open ground, but that would depend on the condition of the men after they landed. Search Is still On For Missing Marine Chopper and Crew in Nepal.

The Debate Over Protecting Our Privacy Laws is Heating Up in Congress

Congress is currently in the middle of a heated debate between democrats and republicans (What’s new?), and this time it is about the impending expiration of Section 215 of the Patriot Act. This bill, when expired, will force the NSA to stop all of their surveillance efforts on the phone records of everyday Americans. A piece of legislation which the Second District Court of Appeals ruled as being illegal on May 7th, 2015.

However, the USA Freedom Act might quickly take the place of section 215, only under even more insidious and sneaky language. The bill will be voted on this week, and is worded in a way to ease the worries of Americans while keeping the same surveillance efforts that have them so concerned. However, you can put in your two cents bycontacting your local congress.

The new bill would not only restore previous surveillance, but also increase it to collecting data on cell phones, along with VoIP calls and video chats. It also gives a free pass to businesses who openly violate the privacy rights of their customers, even paying companies who decide to participate.

If passed, the new legislation will let the NSA pretty much do whatever they want for many years to come. Many democrats are planning on filibustering to buy time until Section 215 expires on June, 1st according to Crystal Hunt.

In Contrast to Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Has Been Immutable in His Liberalism

In the United States Congress, there aren’t that many people with the immutable political views of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. The 73-year-old sage has never flip-flopped on the issues he defends. This comes in stark contrast to Hillary Clinton as she encounters the reality that back-to-back severe losses by her party in midterm elections have left it largely consisting of strong idealistic leftists. Gone is the strong centrist base that her husband tried to galvanize as the new Democrat coalition of center-left candidates. This has Mrs. Clinton needing to unify her base while previously supporting a number of issues they deeply oppose. In response, Mrs. Clinton has turned to flip-flopping. This was apparent in her recent switch against the Defense of Marriage Act and marriage equality, immigration reform, and anti-crime laws.

By contrast, Sergio Cortes says to take a look at Bernie Sanders’ statements from his 1974 US Senate campaign with what he is saying today. The statements reveal he has been unwavering in his commitment to the middle class. Sanders has always railed against the big banks as being oligarchs who hoard the nation’s wealth at the expense of hard working families. It is still unlikely that his steadfastness will pay off and allow him to capture the Democrat Party’s nomination for president. He has also said he would not launch an independent campaign to win the presidency if he loses the Democrat primary. Still, Sanders’ views are refreshingly consistent and seem more relevant now than ever before. Soon, it will be evident if voters agree.

Politicians Plan to Filibuster if NSA Law is Renewed

A key piece of legislation that allowed the National Security Agency (NSA) to spy on the phone calls and text messages of American citizens expires at the end of May. Unfortunately there are many politicians, namely republicans, who are fighting to get the law extended. But that’s why filibustering exists.

A democratic Senator from Oregon, Ron Wyden, wants to see this law expire so important privacy laws can be restored. He has promised to filibuster the proposed extension and doesn’t sound like he plans of backing off of his position anytime soon.

The Snowden leaks were just as surprising to some government officials as it was to most Americans, and 60 members of the senate have vowed to filibuster the renewal of Section 215 of the Patriot Act reports correspondent Brian Torchin.

Jeb Bush is a republican who supports the proposed extension of the NSA data collecting program, along with Marco Rubio, both of who have shown interest in the 2016 Presidential Election. Though, there are several republicans who are also in direct opposition to the renewal such as Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, who are also both considering a run for President.

Congress will likely announce their decision at the end of the month when the law expires due to extensive filibustering. And when this unjust law expires, Americans can feel a little more comfortable using their smartphones knowing it is illegal for the NSA to be listening in.