Ebola Drug Curing Infected Monkeys

Ebola has been on the world’s mind since several patients infected with the virus left Africa and infected others in the U.S. and Europe. Now, however, it looks as if real progress has been made in the fight against this deadly disease. A cure that was tried on monkeys infected with this virus have been cured with a new experimental drug reports AnastasiaDate on crunchbase.com. The drug was given to three infected monkeys, and all three were cured of the disease. This drug keeps the virus from replicating itself, allowing the body to fight the virus before it overwhelms the immune system. The drug has not yet been shown to be effective at curing the virus in humans, but human trials are in the works. The results of those trials are expected to be available by the end of the year. If the drug is effective in humans, the company that manufactures the drug is ready to create large batches of it that could be available to the public within eight weeks.

John Lester Adds to Long List of Weird Baseball Plays

John Lester fielded a ball on Sunday for the Cubs, but the ball wouldn’t come out. So he did the most logical thing anyone can do, he threw his glove to first base.

Believe it or not, this may not even be the weirdest play that has occurred at a major league game. Below is a list of 3 perhaps even weirdest events that have happened at a major league game.

1) Randy Johnson vs. Larry Walker
During the All-Star game Johnson sailed a pitch over Walkers’ head. In response, Walker not only switched the side he was batting from, he turned his hat around as well.

2) Randy Johnson vs a bird
Johnson makes another appearance in our list as a bird met his untimely demise at the hands of a Johnson fastball.

3) Bobby Valentine goes incognito
Fans like Sam Tabar know that, after getting thrown out of a game, then Met’s manager Bobby Valentine wasn’t quite ready to go. Instead of staying in the clubhouse where he belonged, Valentine returned with a less than convincing disguise.

Apple Watch To Ship Earlier Than Scheduled

Early adopters of the new Apple Watch are getting excited after their original ship date of the device is even earlier than projected. Those who pre-ordered the device were given an estimated ship date of late May or June. However, reports indicated that some of those order statuses have changed from “processing” to “preparing for shipment.” This news has Apple lovers and tech enthusiasts alike on their toes and checking their mailboxes a little more frequently.

According to the reports, the order status confirmations were initially just speculations. However, other sources from Ray Lane (blog on wsj.com) have confirmed that Apple is indeed preparing to ship Apple Watch orders ahead of schedule. An Apple spokeswoman released the following statement, “We’re happy to be updating many customers today with the news that their Apple Watch will arrive sooner than expected. Our team is working to fill orders as quickly as possible based on the available supply and the order in which they were received. We know many customers are still facing long lead times and we appreciate their patience.”

The general statement was the only that Apple made regarding the earlier ship dates, however that was enough to leave buyers of the device happy about the news. According to Brad Hoten, a man who pre-ordered the Apple Watch, “I can’t wait to get my new Apple Watch! Even better that it will be coming early. I have been checking my email a few times a day to keep tabs on the tracking.”

Samsung’s VR headset Going on Sale

Soon you’ll be able to buy Samsung’s new virtual reality headset. The company has announced plans to launch the new VR headset for the Galaxy S6 on April 24. That’s this Friday. On Friday what will happen are preorders for the device. The headset will actually ship to you or be available to pick up in Best Buy stores on May 15. You’ll also be able to order the headset from Best Buy online starting May 8 as well as Samsung’s online store (the initial preorders will be with Best Buy only).

For now, we’re not sure how much the product will cost, although we can expect that it will be somewhere around the same $200 that Samsung was charging for the original Gear VR. Sam Tabar said improvements to this new galaxy S6 model include a new , lighter frame as well as a wide field f view. People who buy the headset will ned to have one of Samsung’s newest phones in order to make it work. That means they’ll need to pony up for the Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy S6 Edge.There’s also not a ton of content to choose from when it comes to actually using the headset, however, expect that to change as VR becomes more and more accepted.

Simeone’s Revolution

Until the appointment of Argentine Diego Simeone as the head coach of Atletico Madrid, the club were to always be second rate to their crosstown rivals, Real Madrid. Yet since the Argentine takeover, Atletico have been anything but second rate. Fans like Sam Tabar know that last year’s league winners also made it to the Champions League final against none other but Real, only to fall short in the dying moments of regulation, conceding the tying goal and then a slew of winning goals shortly after. Yet the small turned big club will have its chance to retribution on Wednesday, in the return leg of the Champions League quarterfinal affair against Real.

The first leg, ending in a scoreless draw, favors Atletico, seeing as they can advance with any draw, so long as it is not scoreless. The onus will be on the home side to break down the staunch Atletico defense, which may in turn leave them vulnerable against lethal counterattacks, should Atletico decide to set up in such a manner. Furthermore, Real will be without four key starters (Bale, Benzema, Marcelo, and Modric), making the home side potentially even more vulnerable to the gritty and endlessly working Atletico, only increasing the chances of revenge for last May. Whatever the outcome though, one cannot claim that Atletico’s performance last season under Simeone was a fluke. He has demonstrated again his ability to bring the club to the highest level.

McGuffey High School Pictures Flood Social Media

McGuffey High School in Claysville, PA has made the news for their outrage against “The Day of Silence.” Understanding that many teens are bullied and even kill themselves over being gay is remembered on this day. Students at the McGuffey High School decided that they not only don’t want to support this day of peace, but they want to make a stand. They organized an anti-gay day complete with flannel shirts and marker drawn tattoos on their body.

The flannel shirts were to show solidarity. Several of the students became violent and there was a great deal of teacher intervention. The pictures taken of this event was posted around social media. It has several boys dressed up like a traditional lesbian would be thought to dress. The message was clear, but rude. They could have handled this situation a bit better, they didn’t have to participate in the “The Day of Silence.”

It just shows that no matter how many strides this country takes to overcome racism, there is always someone who is going to think they are better. Susan Mcgalla believes that the boys were extremely offensive. Check out more on Susan Mcgalla on PR NewsWire. Whether it’s the Caucasians and the African Americans or the gays and heterosexual people, prejudice is still alive in this country. Trying to understand the other persons point of view is often taught, but more so hate is a teaching that is instilled at the homes of these children. If anyone would do some digging in their background, they would probably find religious families who are against gays. The whole situation is just sad.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Continues to Tease

Facebook users and Star War fans continue to experience a string of teases by film maker J.J. Abrams, regarding the upcoming release of latest chapter in the Star Wars saga, “The Force Awakens.” The latest trailer has enticed fans to the point of almost forgetting that this is the seventh movie in the series. The question that viewers will have to wait for the movie release to answer is whether “The Force Awakens,” will expand the Star Wars universe or whether fans will be stuck with a retelling of the Star Wars story line that fans already know. New Star Wars Teaser Creates Super Buzz For Fans

From the two trailers that fans have seen so far, the Star Wars universe has changed slightly. The Empire is not the same as Luke had left it at the end of “The Return of the Jedi.” The Empire Storm Troopers are no longer simply reserved for clones, it is unclear how many Jedi currently exist and if the Sith order is active. Fans will want to know where has Hans Solo and Chewbaca the Wookie have been and where is the “home,” they are glad to be returning to. Fans have yet to see scenes with Luke Skywalker and Princess Leila and how the movie will age them and treat their role with the new cast.

This will be the first Star Wars movie since the first chapter, “A New Hope,” that will not have Jedi Master Yoda in the movie. His force will be truly missed.

Imaging Advantage Leading the Way in Radiology Technology

Radiology is the specialty that is concerned with applying the techniques of imaging technology to the diagnoses and treatment of disease. Radiologists apply this technology toward this pursuit. This technology includes advances like ultrasound, nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography and positron emission technology. Some of these techniques are known by their acronyms. Magnetic resonance imaging is known as MRI, Positron Emission Technology is known as PET and computed tomography is known as a CT scan.

Interventional Radiology uses the techniques to perform the treatment and diagnosis of the disease, and it is most often performed by radiographers and radiologic technologist. The analyst is performed by radiologist. Radiologists are doctors that have specialized in Radiology. This can require doctors to study for an additional decade beyond becoming a medical doctor. Interventional radiology is also very beneficial because it is a minimally invasive method for diagnosing and treating disease. Additionally, the technology is highly accurate and further advances make the precision of applying treatments and diagnoses even more precise.

The simplest radiological procedure is plain radiography. Officially, it is known as projection radiography. The inception of this technology is contributed to Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. Röntgen discovered X-rays. Radiographs are performed by transmitting X-rays through a patient and then gathering the rays with a device designed to capture them. This information is converted into an image. This image is what the doctor or Radiologist uses for diagnosis.

Fluoroscopy transforms X-ray technology into a moving, real time image. This technology allows the radiologist to determine problems with moving parts like muscles and joints. The image is transmitted onto closed circuit television system. The technology is precise enough to detect vascular and organ issues. The patient may have to drink a special solution before the procedure.

CT scanning utilizes X-rays combined with complicated digital computations that produces a cross section in exacting detail. This cross-sectional image is referred to a tomogram. CT scans can produce images that are so exacting that many fine details that denote major complications can be detected utilizing the CT scan. This is true even in issues with the brain and corresponding vessels.

Ultrasound utilizes high-frequency sound waves to produce images of structures in the body that are made of soft tissue. This technology is most often utilized in pregnancies, and the technology today produces exacting images.

Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI utilizes magnetic fields and nuclear technology to produce exacting images from multiple perspectives for diagnosis and treatments. This is the most advanced form of imaging soft tissue in the body.

Because the field is so vast, there has to be services devoted to applying this technology in acquisition, installation and in teaching the use of the new, more advanced radiological technologies. Imaging Advantage provides this service to the largest medical markets in every metropolitan area in the United States. They service Level 1 and level 2 trauma centers, imaging centers and physicians directly with the most comprehensive teleradiological solutions. They are advancing radiological solutions throughout the entire medical community.

Difficulties for United Ahead of Chelsea Clash

Manchester United will head to Stamford Bridge this Saturday to face league leaders Chelsea, though they will be without significant defensive options. Daley Blind, Marcos Rojo, Michael Carrick, and Phil Jones will all be absent from the first versus third match-up, a real blow to the in-form United. In United’s recent score of notable performances, three of the four have featured with prominent roles. Jones and Chris Smalling have cemented their places as a solid starting center back pairing, with Blind taking full reign of the left back position. Additionally, slotting Carrick into the holding midfield role has enabled United to move the ball around with greater ease and a smoother flow, while also providing experienced defensive cover in front of the back four. Fans at Anastasia Date (crunchbase.com) know that with those three missing, and Rojo, the most likely to step in to fill in for Jones at center back, United appears to be left vulnerable this weekend.

That said, Chelsea themselves have suffered a significant injury, with Diego Costa being out until the last four games of the season. Furthermore, though at the top of the league, Chelsea’s performances of late have left something to be desired, and though the United injury situation is certainly a blow, it by no means leaves them dead and buried before kickoff on Saturday. If anything, the situation seems to facilitate a likely draw, a result that would favor Chelsea and United alike.

A Deep Salvage Effort Sets a New Record

This week, the British government released information about a successful effort to salvage a fortune in silver from the depths of the South Atlantic. The recovery occurred in 2013 in a remote location south of St. Helena at depths of 17,000 feet. Igor Cornelsen (spring.me) has learned that a British-led salvage team, Deep Ocean Search, used high tech equipment and robots to recover 100 tons of silver coins which sank to the ocean floor when a German U-boat sank the S. S. City of Cairo in 1942.

The salvage effort is believed to have set a new world record for depth of recovery. The silver was retrieved from a depth about 4,500 feet deeper than the Titanic. Maeva Onda, an oceanographer aboard the salvage vessel, the SV John Lethbridge, reported: “It was incredible.”

The ship carrying the silver was traveling to England with money intended for the war effort during WWII. OnNovember 6, 1942, a German U-68 submarine spotted the ship and fired torpedos. As the steamboat began sinking, the people aboard hastily evacuated into lifeboats. Reportedly, some 296 people escaped from the ship before it sank. But 104 of them would perish at sea before rescuers spotted many of the survivors three weeks later.

The salvage operation by Deep Ocean Search was completed in September, 2013, but not reported until this week. The salvage team left a commemorative plaque at the site.