Parks and Rec Airs Final Episode

Popular NBC series Parks and Rec aired its final episode Tuesday evening. The hour-long finale showed flash-forwards into the life of many of the show’s characters, including its star Leslie Knope, who goes on to become the governor for Indiana. She’s not the only one in the group with a long political future ahead. Gerry Gurgich goes on to be the mayor of Pawneee for the remainder of his life, and it’s a long one. The show airs a clip of him at his 100th birthday party, while he’s still mayor of the city said fan Brad Reifler.

The end of the show pays tribute to one of its writers, Harris Wittles, with the statement “We love you, Harris” Wittles was found dead late last week. A cause of death has yet to be determined, however, his death is an expected drug overdose. many of the show’s cast tweeted about Wittles during the finale. Actor Aziz Ansari published an epic farewell to the writer on his personal blog last week.

Georgia Woman to be Executed Today

The only woman on death row in Georgia is set to be executed today after being denied clemency. Kelly Gissendaner will be the first woman executed in the state since 1945. She was sentenced to death after being found guilty for her involvement in the murder of her husband.

In 1997 she, along with her boyfriend, plotted the murder of her husband in order to receive insurance money reported Marc Sparks. She made the plans for her boyfriend at the time, Gregory Owen,to murder her husband while she was out. After the murder she contacted police to claim her husband was missing. Though Owen is the one who actually committed the murder, he came forward shortly after the body was found, told his story and implicated Gissendaner. Because Kelly wanted a hearing, and Owen agreed to testify against her, he got life in prison with eligibility for parole. Instead of taking a plea deal and requesting a trial, Kelly was found guilty and was sentenced to death.

Her least meal includes Burger King Whoppers, large fries, lemonade, and a few other comfort foods.

Dr. Rohrich Is a Top Level Plastic Surgeon 


Dr. Rod Rohrich, M.D., FACS, is a renowned plastic surgeon with multiple awards and honors to his credit. Based in Dallas, Texas and founding Chair of the plastic surgery department at UT Southwestern Medical Center for over 2 decades, Dr. Rod Rohrich has contributed to the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery through his research into facial aging, its rejuvenation, rhinoplasty improvements and other surgical procedures.

Dr. Rod Rohrich has received a tremendous number of awards, has presented literally thousands of papers at medical symposiums and conferences and has published papers in renowned professional medical journals including over 500 peer reviewed articles. He has published multiple textbooks in the field of plastic surgery. His credits are so numerous and substantial, there is insufficient space to include them all here.

His professional affiliations are astounding, some of these include his active membership in the American Association of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) where he has served as past President and was on the board of directors. Dr Rod Rohrich is a member of the American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons and was previously President of the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons, past Director of the American Board of Plastic Surgeons (ABPS) and is a founding member of the Board of Governors of the National Endowment for Plastic Surgery. Dr Rod Rohrich has been a member of the Council of Academic Plastic Surgeons since 1988 and also has affiliation with the Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

More recently, in early 2015, Dr. Rod Rohrich was acknowledged as one of the best plastic surgeons in the US. This recognition was from Castle Connolly’s Top Doctor program and through contacting and inquiry of over 50,000 medical professionals and their feedback, Dr. Rohrich was nominated by his peers making this honor particularly meaningful, according to Dr. Rohrich himself.

His research has focused on areas of age management, wound healing and the use of supplements to aid in that healing process and safety studies specifically in cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is recognized as one of the very best plastic surgeons today and one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons as well. During his recent presentation at UCLA he mentioned that rhinoplasty provides the greatest difficulty for achieving uniform and reliable results, requiring many years to achieve expert results.

Lenovo Installed The Adware “Superfish” On New Computers

Superfish Injects Third Party Ads On Google Searches Without Permission

Superfish is one of those hidden computer spies that helps businesses prey on unsuspecting consumers. We have all kinds of business terrorists infiltrating the sacred spaces of our life. Most of us are unaware of them until we fall victim to pop-ups and other ploys that try to pry money out of our wallets.

Marcio Alaor BMG knows that Lenovo is not the only computer maker that tries to recoup some of their investment by selling software. It’s all about the money in most cases. We live in a consumer beware computer age where anything is possible especially if there’s money to be made. Superfish is just one of several programs that invade our privacy and test our patience.

The community administrator at Lenovo said the company has temporarily removed Superfish from new computers. The computers that have the program can use an Lenovo auto-update that stops the program from operating. The administrator tried to defend the decision to add Superfish without permission, but it all sounds like a cover-thy-ass pitch. The honorable thing to do is to admit they were thinking with their pockets instead of with their hearts.

NASCAR criticized over safety following Kyle Busch crash

Motor sports have always been one of the most dangerous areas of the sporting World, with the risk of injury always a possibility with cars traveling at high speed. The NASCAR organization was facing renewed criticism for its handling of track safety after Joe Gibbs racing driver Kyle Busch broke his right leg and left foot following a crash into an unprotected wall, ESPN reports. Fans like Paul Mathieson know that the crash occurred during an Xfinity Series race on Saturday and came at an area of the track wall that was not protected by steel and foam energy reduction barriers, better known as SAFER.

A number of pundits and drivers took to Social Media to offer their support for Busch, who will miss a number of races after pulling himself from his car before collapsing to the ground. Officials at the Daytona International Speedway admitted they had failed in their responsibilities by not ensuring each and every area of the track was fully protected with energy absorbing barriers. Busch will be replaced by two time Truck Series champion Matt Crafton for Sunday’s Daytona 500, a race Busch had qualified for in fourth position on the starting grid.

Ukrainian Troops Lose Key Railway City

Ukrainian troops flee the key defensive railway town of Debaltseve as Russian backed rebels take over the strategically important town. Bruce Karatz was telling me that the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko refused to admit the town had been surrounded and hoped to bluff people into believing that Ukraine was still in control of the town going into the Minsk ceasefire.

Unfortunately, Russian backed rebels continued to battle for the town well past the ceasefire start time. The rebels, who are obviously backed and supplied by Russia, decided to finish overtaking Debaltseve before honoring the ceasefire agrred upon by Russia, Ukraine, Germany, and France in Minsk.

Vladimir Putin was visibly happy by the news the town had been ceased by rebels, even as he continues to deny giving any aid to the rebels. The ceasefire seems to be working in other areas of contention, but Debaltseve is too important of a town to withdraw from, when victory was so close.

I believe Russia is giving every assistance to the rebels as they claim that Ukraine should be under Russian control. Although Russia has recently suffered economic crisis from dropping oil prices, they are still sending, money, weapons, and military personnel to assist Russian rebels in taking key Ukrainian towns.

Russia needs the economic boost that Ukraine could offer including natural gas. Ukraine now sells most of its products to Russia. I beleive they would rather control Ukraine and recieve their exports for a reduced or free cost.

Cowdray Grows Individually

Chief executive officer of the Dorchester Collection, Christopher Cowdray, is quite a success story. The Dorchester Collection is the operator of a chain of luxury hotels which operate across the United States and Europe.

Cowdray, who was appointed to the position of chief executive officer in November 2007, has an impresssive track record. A native Zimbabwean, he earned a degree in hotel management in that country before attending Columbia University in New York city. After graduating from Business School at Columbia, he worked at several hotels, spanning Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. After Cowdray’s appointment as CEO, the Dorchester Collection expanded its operations, acquiring hotels in such places as England, Geneva and Rome.

Cowdray earned the Lifetime Achievement Award at the European Hospitality Awards in 2013, as a result of his impressive work with the Dorchester Collection. Altogether, he has spent more than 30 years in the hotel industry, working at various levels of the system.

His expertise extends beyond work in the industry itself, as he also holds a position as honorary professor at Thames Vallen University, where he sometimes lectures on the hotel industry and his role as CEO of one of the most celebrated hotel groups in the world.

The success of the Dorchester Collection, which is often thought to be the most beautiful collection of luxury hotels, is in Cowdray’s opinion, not simply a result of his skillful leadership, but the team of people who work with him. He believes workers’ attitudes and commitment to making each guest’s stay a memorable event, is the key to having a product that is of the most enviable quality. High worker morale, and feeling as though each team member has a special and important role to play, is a huge part of what he encourages. As a result of the delivery of excellent service and amazingly beautiful and well maintained suites, the Dorchester Collection manages to consistently end up on Elite Traveler’s list of ‘101 Top Suites’.

While admitting that the employees are the organization’s greatest asset, Cowdray also believes the continued success of this luxury brand is largely dependent upon identifying the advancements in technology, and implementing whatever is required to ensure they are moving with the times.

According to Cowdray, maintaining the individual appeal of each hotel within the chain, and recognizing the need to be one with the particular locale is another important aspect of ensuring that the Dorchester Collection continues to deliver on its promises of excellent service and great locations.

NSA Spying Program Found on Common Hard Drives

The National Security Agency (NSA) allegedly inserted hidden spy software on hard disks in famous brands like Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba and other top manufacturers in order to spy on computers worldwide. An investigation of Kaspersky Lab uncovers one of the alleged cyber spying tools used by the NSA.

According to a report, spyware was detected in more than 30 countries. Most of these infections occurred in Iran, followed by Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and China.

Security researchers suggest that the objectives were to infiltrate a variety of institutions, including government and military institutions, financial and communication agencies, utility companies, and Islamic organizations, Kaspersky said.

The security firm did not say explicitly that the country behind such spy software has been the United States, however, the whole operation was directly related to Stuxnet, a “cyber-weapon” created by the NSA to attack an enrichment plant uranium in Iran.

According to a former NSA employee, the Kaspersky report was correct. Marc Sparks has heard that another intelligence official confirmed that the NSA had been developing a method to hide spyware on hard drives, but did not know if the technique had been implemented.

Vance Vides, NSA spokesman told Reuters that he was aware of the information by Kaspersky but could not comment on the issue.

Western Digital, Seagate and Micron said they had no knowledge of such programs.

Research suggests that such software have been installed since 2001, so it can be assumed that many computers would be infected.

Learn About Fine Wines With the Antique Wine Company

Wine is one of the world’s most favorite beverages. People have been happily drinking wine for centuries. They have enjoyed the subtle flavors of various types of wines. Sampling a glass of classical delicious red wine from theBurgundy region of France or an understated glass of fruity white wine from the Napa Valley can be the ideal way to learn about the different varieties of wine available from many places. Even those who have a basic knowledge of the field of wine may wish to expand their understanding of it. They may want to learn the differences between wine from Chile and wine that is grown in Australia. They may also want to know the differences between a glass of wine that will work well with fish and one that will work well with red meat.

Those who are looking to learn more about wine will want to find resources that can help them take steps towards this goal. A company such as the Antique Wine Company can be of great help to those who want to discover which wines are best for their needs. The AWC has been providing their clients with help exploring the wine world since 1982. In decades since then, company officials have helped thousands of clients in countries from around the world increase their understanding of wine, develop cellars with a selection of rare and exciting wines and helped them find wines that help showcase the entire spectrum of wine flavors.

People who want use wine both every single day and on special occasions will find that they can get a lot of help from The Antique Wine Company. Company staffers can provide customers with the chance to help find them wines that delight the palate and help provide a fruit and delightful accompaniment to any formal dinner or less formal meal. The company can also show people how to store their wines so that they remain in good shape for many years. Officials can also show people how to create a wine cellar that can be used to show off the kind of wines that they amassed over the years to guests. People who work with the company are often happy to find that staffers can help them take classes to learn about the different kinds of wine that are the market both in the United States and in other wine growing regions.

One More Bloodsucker

The caretaker of the late Ernie Banks is alledged to have coerced him to sign a new will while he was ill. This caretaker has been given all his assets, and his twin sons have been left out in the cold. We need to wonder why this new woman would be given all this money, and we also need to think about what this means for the many generations of Banks who are following after Ernie.

Haidar Barbouti believes that the only hope we can have is that the case can be resolved with both parties getting what they deserve. This investigation could take a long time, and it is possible that it may not be resolved properly at all. The family of Ernie Banks has every right to wonder what is going on with his estate, and they should call into question any new will that was signed when he was sick.

Getting to the bottom of this does not require any reporting, but it does require a certain amount of heart. Hopefully someone will get to the bottom of this so that we can put Ernie Banks to rest without his good name being dragged through the mud during this horrible dispute.